“His work is very entertaining, provocative, and clever. ”
Shepard Fairey, Obey

“If you couldn’t make it to Coachella or you’re just having major withdrawals, get a fix of a lesser-known indie band inspired by Radiohead. Check out Friend Slash Lover, because it’s never too soon to start finding new bands and forecasting next year’s Coachella line up.”
The Huffington Post

“Their latest single, “Don’t Retouch me There” contains the fearless, thought provoking lyrics that have always challenged their listeners to rethink the status-quo in a nuanced way. The melody is outstanding and compliments the lyrics by creating an inviting allure that makes the song’s powerful “anti-abuse” message seem far less taboo to sing about.”
Confront Magazine

“Friend Slash Lover truly changes how one conceives of music as an art.”
Confront Magazine

“Friend Slash Lover blends electronic sounds with gentle guitar riffs and rhythmic for the perfect dreamy fusion of electronic and rock.”
Eile Magazine, Dublin

“Have you ever heard a song or seen a music video and thought “Holy crap, how did they come up with that idea?!” That’s exactly how I felt when I heard the new single “Hellthy” from Friend Slash Lover.”

“With unique, dark synths and an ironic theme about healthcare (or is it?), “Hellthy” is a song I have played 3-4 times in a row, each time hearing something new that I loved about it!”

“Josh Mintz’s vocals are full of emo angst, but the dynamic range lets him shift between strangled repression and theatrical suffering.”
Jester Jay

Review in Neu Futur Magazine